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Music & Friends

You can now experience the origins of how “chamber music” began. “Music & Friends” is a concert at a private residence featuring the chamber group in town for the performance in the HDCM Concert Series.

These events are held one or two nights before the main concert, and the groups perform a special program of music. These typically segue into an informal Q&A with the members of the group, giving you special insight into the music and personalities of the performers.

Whether you have a potluck, catered dinner, hors d’oeuvres, or just dessert, HDCM will provide the wine and the performance. You can count on a great evening with music and friends!

This tax-deductible contribution is $250 per couple, with a minimum of six couples (or $1,500 total). If you are interested in hosting or attending an event, but are unable to reach the minimum amount of guests, HDCM may be able to provide invitation to another “Music & Friends” event. For reservations or more information, please call or contact us using the link below.

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Experience the Intimacy of Chamber Music

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